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Membership dues are $25 paid annually. Click here to see more information about joining our club.



Do I put my kids together in kindergarten, or apart?

This depends on you and your kids. Only you know if being together or apart would be beneficial or detremental to their learning experiences. There is no right or wrong answer. Consider advice from a preschool or daycare teacher who has see your multiples in that environment. 


Advice From MOMs

Get your multiples on the same schedule. Even if you have just fed one, wake them up and feed them both.


Ask for help. 

If this is too hard, write down ways you could use help so when someone offers, you have a specific task to share.


“Fed is best.” Go easy on yourself. It’s easy to put a lot of breastfeeding guilt on yourself.


Nap when the babies nap.


You do you. When someone says, “You MUST do it this way!” just nod. Then go do it the way that works best for your family.


If you have questions on your multiple’s developments, check out the, Zero to Three program. 


Go pee first!



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