Miracle Bonus Mothers of Multiples

Our Legend

Miracle Bonus is a non-profit organization founded in the late 1950’s to support mothers of multiples in Spokane, Washington.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and educate families with twins and higher order multiples.

Our Promise

We are here to support, honor, and strengthen each other through fellowship, honesty, and love.

“This group of amazing women brought me in when I was at my lowest moment. Without hesitation and with pure love I became part of their family.”

– Nicole (MOM since 2018)

What We Offer


Montly Meetings and Newsletters

Mettings are the 2nd Monday of each month. They are optional but encouraged as a way to build relationships and participate in planning.

A monthly local newsletter and quarterly national newsletter (TOGS) are provided.


Playdates, Kid’s Parties, & other Social Events

Social Events include New Mother’s and Mother of the Year Dinners, Coffee Dates, Meet-Ups, and more. Social events are a wonderful way to connect with other Mothers of multiples on a personal level.



Meal Trains & Additional Support for Moms

We are here to support Moms in whatever their needs may be. We encourage Moms to reach out, no matter how big or small.



Community Service

2022 Charity: Tough As Nails



Please contact or check facebook for current meeting location.


Need additional assistance? Please contact us:



We are here to answer your questions via email 24/7.


Public Group

Members Group